Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Eat Apple Skin

Be careful when eating apple. Their skin sometimes has been wax to ensure it quality and to prolong its freshness.

Japan Traffic Light

Gruesome Addiction to Beauty Injection

Her name is Han Mi Ok , a Korean celebrity who became known as ' Fan Lady ' after her disastrous cosmetic surgery. She underwent 15 reconstructive surgery to overhaul her 'I-don't-think-it-can- be-fix' plastic surgery damage. She apparently became obsessed addicted to plastic surgery and couldn't get enough of the 'faux-fect face' ( I made the word up) so she went to quacks just to indulge herself. She even personally performed a facial injection at home. The result…. well you can see it. She used to look like this before the cosmetic surgery disaster:
On the photos above, Han Mi Ok was at the shooting of of 500th episode of Shocking Stories of the World .

I admire her courage to display her damaged face in public and let people see how ungodly it is to distort ones appearance. I am not totally against plastic surgery but I am also not for it..

She should serve as a lesson to anyone who dreamed of having a 'faux-fect face'. Think twice before you get cut up and think thrice before you inject yourself with human byproducts.


Head Strong

There are few people outside do far more better job than us and still glad about their job.

This guy here is a Coolie (Luggage carrier) at bus station Bangalore , Kalasyapalya bus stop (City market) who usually carry luggage to/from the bus.

As per one of my friend's advice, we understand that of late Volvo busses carry 2 wheelers as well from place to another (Interesting ?). Please try out next time.

Please take few seconds to think how they carry 2 wheelers to the bus?

Most of the times they carry it in the box located under the bus and if the box is full some times they carry the vehicle to top of the bus.

Without scrolling down, can someone guess how they carry the vehicle??

Few facts:

Weight of the Pulsar 150 CC is around 150 kg

The cost of the Volvo side glass cost about 20-30K

The cost of the vehicle??

After seeing the above effort that he has made do you guys know how much is he charging?? Just Rs.20/-

Does he deserve just 20???

Obama Twins

Malaysia Road Users

Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama family genealogy

Three generations of Barack Obama's family celebrate.

President Obama hugged his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, at her December 2003 wedding to Konrad Ng, third from right, in Hawaii. From left, his daughters, Sasha and Malia; his grandmother Madelyne Dunham, seated; Konrad's parents, Joan and Howard Ng, and brother Perry Ng; and Michelle Obama.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cappuccino origin

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